la ritournelle /// sébastien tellier

oh nothing’s going to change my love for you
i wanna spend my life with you
so we make love on the grass under the moon
no one call tell, damned if i do
forever journey on golden avenues
i drift in your eyes since i love you
i got that beat in my veins for only rule
love is to share, mine is for you


Irene Suchocki
Irene Suchocki
Irene Suchocki

Irene Suchocki
Irene Suchocki

I just saw your post regarding your long trip to Paris. Can I live vicariously through you? LOL! I'm so envious right now! In a good way, though, that post you wrote spoke to me in so many levels! I'm very happy for you to have this opportunity, seize it, my friend, seize it with passion and enjoy every minute of it! Bonne chance, travel safe! Bisous! xx <3



Excited to share all about it!!!

Wow, your blog's pretty amazing, i'm in love with it. :) Why do you like Versailles and Marie Antoinette so much? x


Versailles - never been (yet). But Marie Antoinette I’m in love with simply for the way it makes me feel I guess. The visuals are great and everything but truly it is Sofia Coppola’s artistry and directing that makes it. It’s like an entire experience. One of those movies that you can think about over and over again…

so excited I&#8217;ll get to go in winter :)

so excited I’ll get to go in winter :)

ceiling of Marie Antoinette&#8217;s bedroom.

ceiling of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom.